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Background Information

The Andrology Laboratory was formed in 1972 at The Royal Hospital for Women (RHW) Laboratories along with the Department of Reproductive Medicine in Paddington following the increasing need for fertility services. The laboratory has since amalgamated with SEALS and is now located at the RHW, Randwick Campus.

Its focus is the diagnosis of male fertility, providing ART support to the Department of Reproductive Medicine and fertility preservation of male and female oncology patients. The support of the donor sperm programme is also another important role of the laboratory. The laboratory also provides training for local and overseas health professionals who wish to specialise in laboratory Andrology/Seminology.

Comprehensive diagnostic Andrology services are provided to the major hospitals in the SESLHD and ISLHD. Referrals to the laboratories are also received from GPs, Specialists and other public and private health facilities throughout NSW.

Departmental Services

The Andrology Laboratory staff specialise in the examination of human semen, sperm-cervical mucus interaction, the cryopreservation of human gametes for the donor sperm program, patients having assisted reproduction therapy (ART), and fertility preservation of male and female (by ovarian cortical tissue freezing) oncology patients.

Tests currently available at this laboratory include: semen analysis, seminal fructose, examination for retrograde ejaculation, post-vasectomy semen analysis, sperm freezing and storage, detection of antisperm antibodies (direct or circulating), semen culture for bacteria, Mycoplasma sp., viruses and fungi and sperm DNA integrity assessment.

New technologies have become available to allow us to assess the DNA integrity of sperm. The Sperm Chromatin Structure Assay (SCSA) has helped the team at RHW identify problems with some couples previously grouped into the unexplained infertility category and some poor responders to IVF treatment.

Other important investigation and ART procedures provided within the fertility clinic include the post coital test (PCT) and sperm cervical mucus contact test (SCMCT) as well as therapeutic preparations for insemination procedures. These tests and services are co-ordinated with the Fertility Clinic, Reproductive Medicine.

The laboratory is NATA accredited, ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Systems certified and RTAC accredited to produce therapeutic preparations for insemination with assisted reproductive technologies (ART).

To ensure quality and so that a meaningful result is returned, this laboratory recommends that any patient undergoing fertility assessment use an accredited Andrology Laboratory for semen analysis that is linked to a fertility or IVF unit.

The SEALS Andrology Laboratory is located in the Department of Reproductive Medicine, Royal Hospital for Women, Randwick.  The laboratory is open for semen analysis Monday to Saturday and an appointment is required. For further information contact the laboratory on (02) 9382 6643.
Contact Information:

Department of Andrology (Seminology)
Reproductive Medicine, Ground Floor

The Royal Hospital for Women
Barker Street
Randwick NSW 2031

Medical Directors of Andrology Laboratory Services:
Dr Robert Lindeman, MB BS, BScMed, PhD, FRACP, FRCPA
Dr Stephen Steigrad, MB BS, FRCSEd, FRCOG, FRANZCOG

Laboratory Manager
Christopher Nicol
Phone: (+612) 9382 6644
Email: christopher.nicol@sesiahs.health.nsw.gov.au
Or contact senior laboratory staff out of hours through the Royal Hospital for Women switchboard on (+612) 9382 6111.

For Laboratory opening hours plase contact laboratory staff on (+612) 9382 6643

Urgent samples may be processed after hours or on weekends, after discussion and authorisation with the Laboratory Manager or Medical Director.
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