SEALS Information Sheets

We are able to provide you with a variety of information sheets about correct collection procedures and various SEALS services. These information sheets are also available in a variety of languages.  Please select the test required and view or print the information you need.
Bulk Billing Information
Non Medicare Rebatable Test Price List
Semen Collection Information

24 Hour Urine Collection
24hr Urine Collection English
24hr Urine Collection Arabic
24hr Urine Collection Chinese
24hr Urine Collection Greek
24hr Urine Collection Italian
24hr Urine Collection Macedonian

Creatinine Clearance Collection 
Creatinine Clearance English
Creatinine Clearance Arabic
Creatinine Clearance Chinese
Creatinine Clearance Greek
Creatinine Clearance Italian
Creatinine Clearance Macedonian

GTT Metabolic Test Collection
GTT Testing English
GTT Testing Arabic
GTT Testing Chinese
GTT Testing Greek
GTT Testing Italian

Home Collection Information Brochures

Randwick and St. George Areas
Home Collection Service English
Home Collection Service Croatian
Home Collection Service Greek
Home Collection Service Indonesian
Home Collection Service Macedonian
Home Collection Service Russian
Home Collection Service Spanish
Home Collection Service Vietnamese

 Illawarra and Shoalhaven Areas 
Home Collection Service English
Home Collection Service Arabic
Home Collection Service Croatian
Home Collection Service Greek
Home Collection Service Italian
Home Collection Service Indonesian
Home Collection Service Macedonian
Home Collection Service Russian
Home Collection Service Serbian
Home Collection Service Spanish
Home Collection Service Turkish
Home Collection Service Vietnamese

Care of Puncture Site
Some people with certain medical conditions may have prolonged bleeding or bruising following their blood test.  To help avoid this, we have provided instructions on how to take care of this site.
Care of Puncture Site English
Care of Puncture Site Arabic
Care of Puncture Site Greek
Care of Puncture Site Macedonian
Care of Puncture Site Mandarin

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