Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We aim to minimise the anxiety of your blood collection by providing an extensive list of Frequently Asked Questions.  If you feel anxious about any aspect of testing, please feel free to call the SEALS Call Centre on 1800 0 73257, or discuss your concerns with a Specimen Collector.

What do I need to bring for my test?

You will need to bring your Pathology Request form which your doctor would have given to you and your Medicare Card.  If you have a DVA or Healthcare card, please bring them too.

I am unable to get to a collection centre, what should I do?

SEALS has an extensive Home Collection Service where an experienced Collector can come and perform the blood collection within the comfort of your own home.  This service is available to most patients, but especially offers great convenience to those patients who are very ill or frail.  Please call 1300 788 944 for enquiries or to make a booking.

Do I need to fast?

The majority of tests do not require you to fast, however there are some tests (eg. Cholesterol, Glucose) that require you to fast for a specific length of time.  This means not having anything to eat or drink (water is allowed) for that time period.  Your doctor should inform you if you are required to fast and whether to continue your medication whilst fasting.  Please do not hesitate to contact SEALS should you wish to clarify this.

Can I access my own results?

Unfortunately, SEALS cannot provide you directly with a copy of the results. Your results can only be supplied to the requesting doctor, who will then analyse and interpret these results for you and advise you of their meaning.   You will need to contact your referring doctor to make an appropriate appointment to discuss these results.